Monday, October 22, 2012

Retro Poem #16: One Day

One day will I father your children?
One day will I love you so uncontrollably
that I cannot imagine the possibility
of being with someone else?
One day will I know without the faintest shadows of doubt
that I love you with all I am?
One day will I see you walk down an aisle to me?
One day will we travel the world together?
One day will you be my closest and dearest friend?
One day will I come home to you?
One day will we serve our Lord
in a lifetime of ministry together?
One day will I not know what I would ever do without you?

Maybe so my dear,
But one day is not today.
I cannot live or figure out one day today.
Yet today is one day.
So let us walk hand in hand on this one day,
Truly living each single day
As we move ever closer to one day.

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