Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Goodbye Letter #02: Elizabeth Jancewicz

-- This was originally a post Elizabeth did on her blog, where she post lots of cool original art and updates on her adventures with her also very cool musician husband, Eric. ---
In honor of it being Palm Sunday (it has been for 17 minutes now) I am finally posting a little drawing I did weeks ago:
First off, the church that Eric and I went to when we lived in Korea was amazing. It was the KNU International English Church in Cheonan, and it still stands as one of the best churches either of us have ever had the privileged of attending. The community in the church was not only welcoming and kept a strong community within the church by getting together for lunches, but they also addressed really tough issues that a lot of churches seem to steer clear of, and they are extremely active in real help for the poor and needy. I was impressed and moved by the actions of this church during my few short months in Korea two years ago.
To add to this, Eric and I were involved with Pastor Josh Broward’s family in that Sarah, Josh’s wife, was my assistant during my first teaching job in Korea and also found me another job so that I could extend my stay; and Eric taught their young daughter piano lessons. (Eric also played piano in the worship team when he was there.)
Seriously, sometimes we think about returning to live in Korean simply because the church was really just so good.
And even though it has been 2 years since I attended the church (just about to the day now!) and I’m literally on the opposite side of the world, Pastor Josh still keeps me involved by asking if I’d help out with some art for their Easter services and the Biblical passages they’re going over in preparation for Easter. (I’m really touched and happy that I can be involved.)
For this project he asked artists to pick a section of the Bible from a list he had, and make artwork corresponding with the writing. I chose the Palm Sunday passage, Exodus 12:1-13. We were actually on the road on tour when I did the piece, so I used whatever I had on hand: in this case, a ballpoint pen & some borrowed red nail polish. And this is what I came up with:

I’ve been thinking a lot about God as a sovereign beings that demands respect much more then I think I ever have, and so for me, I feel like this illustration demonstrates that feeling and those thoughts: sovereign yet lowering himself to something so helpless and vulnerable, so that we can understand Him better…
I wasn’t the only one who did illustrations, check out Pastor Josh’s blog for these writings here, and check out his full blog for Palm Sunday here. Happy Palm Sunday.

--- Thanks Elizabeth! ---

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