Thursday, March 15, 2012

Korea Tip 130: English Counseling in Korea

Sometimes we need help.  That's OK.  It is a sign of health to reach out for the help that we need.
However, when living abroad, it can be hard to find the help that we need.  In Korea, English speaking counselors are hard to come by.
As a pastor, people sometimes ask me to recommend a good method for getting counseling here in Korea.  Unfortunately, there aren't any therapists comfortable doing counseling in Cheonan (where I live).   However, there are other options:

In Korea (Seoul):
  • Adaptable Human Solutions (AHS) - A large Western-style counseling service in Seoul, with native English speaking and Western-licensed counselors., 02-749-7915, info[at]  (Note, I will not include the @ symbol in email addresses to prevent computer spammers from sending my friends and acquaintances lots of junk.)
  • Torch Trinity Christian Counseling Center A service of Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology., 02-570-7115.
  • Seoul Christian Counseling Services - Rev. Prince Charles Oteng-Boateng (MDiv, LPC)., 010-4181-5694.
  • Catholic Priests 
    • Kelvin Barrett (Australia): kelvinfbarrett[at], 010-7741-1437 or 010-7742-1437
    • Sean Conneely (Ireland): scssc[at], 010-2895-6430

Via Skype or Phone:
  • Roy Rotz (Kansas, USA): Counseling Connection, LLC. PhD, etc. royrotz[at], 816-830-0115
  • Naomi Orvis (Canada): MDiv Counseling., norvis[at], 416-671-0562.
If you discover any other options for English counseling in Korea, please post in the comment section.
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