Friday, September 30, 2011

"The Plan" - by Alex Gray

This poem is by mystic artist Alex Gray, who tries to paint in a way that allows God's Spirit to work more in our world.  It is a little humanistic and New-Age-ish; I don't believe humans working together will heal our world.  However, I do believe that God heals our world partly by working through us humans.  What I really love about this poem is that it catches the essence of our role as co-creators with God.

  1. God Creates the Cosmos with Love.
  2. When we create with Love we align ourselves with the God Force.
  3. The Cosmos and our world is God’s evolving creation, an unfinished masterpiece we each co-create.
  4. Love will go to any length to fulfill its creation.
  5. We are each a finite mirror of God’s infinite creation.
  6. To see through appearances to God’s transcendent presence beatifies and transfigures our experience of God’s immanent creation.
  7. Creating sacred space mirrors God’s creation.
  8. Our challenge as co-creators is to mirror God’s love and beauty in all our creations.
  9. All action is creation more or less conscious.
  10. The plan is to unmask the illusion of separation.
  11. The plan can only be enacted by becoming conscious co-creators.
  12.  Reflection is the process by which we increase and unleash our higher, greater, deeper consciousness.
  13.  Infinite consciousness is a mirror of God’s presence, boundless and all inclusive.
  14.  Infinite mind knows the perfection of all as it is in each moment, and feels the infinite love that sees and acts on the unfinished masterpiece to create a world that more effectively mirrors God.
  15.  The Cosmos and our own lives are gifts of Love from the Creator.
  16.  A permanent thankfulness for the gifts is one benefit of realization.
  17.  Realization is awakening more or less to the Plan and our own role in the evolving creation.
  18.  Creativity is a Sacred Mirror and path to realization.
  19.  A new alliance of spirit and humanity is being created throughs sacred art.
  20.  Seeing and being is a creation.
  21.  Creativity is holy, a path to recover our wholeness, a spiritual path capable of catalyzing our self-realization.
  22.  Become a worthy conduit of God’s love and creative power of realization.
  23.  Like a lightning flash, when conditions are present, the light suddenly fills us, illuminating the world for an instant.
  24.  Meet God in the storm of life and be a conductor of Divine Radiance.
  25.  The Example of your light can set of a chain reaction of Pentecostal soulfire.
  26.  Soulfire is the passion to perform acts, to create in accordance with divine law.
  27.  The timeless enters the creative field of history when called, and human religion mirrors the evolving waves of spiritual alliances.
  28.  Now religion is the blank canvas of creative energy.  The new alliance has anointed creativity as a worthy conduit.
  29.  Now art is a blessed path to inspirational ecstasy, the fusion of Spirit and matter for the uplifting.
  30.  The great uplifting of humanity beyond its self-destruction is the redemptive calling of art.
  31.  Remove the blocks to your creative plasma state.  The heart is a safe container for such a power.
  32.  The plasma state of soulfire in the heart is the welding torch of Love fusing God and human together.
  33.  A well-lit soulfire can burn away obstacles to the Divine for thousands of years.
  34.  Sacred space mirrors the heart as a pumphouse for communal soulfire.
  35.  The creation of sacred space is a calling of the highest and deepest urgency as a new model for possible futures.
  36.  Humanity must be awakened, and creative spirituality has a vital and healing role in the archetype of an undogmatic and lovingly ecstatic religion.  All are called to see their own Divine beauty and unfinished masterpiece status.
  37.  Building sacred space together is a task beyond our individuality to which we can dedicate ourselves and prove the possibility of people getting along and making something beautiful together.
  38.  The dawn of planetary consciousness is up to each of us as artists of inner light.
  39.  Our combined light can blast the psycho-evolutionary process into creative overdrive inventing new ways to save the temple of Love, our earthly lifeweb.
  40.  All creatures are holy and each are God’s children.  Revere and protect them and their home.
  41.  Humanity, grieve actively over your slaughter of nature by committing acts of collective preservation.
  42.  Preservation and renewal of what remains of the lifeweb is still a possibility.
  43.  Science and spirituality must combine forces through art, bridging knowledge with wisdom, entering history through creative action.
  44.  Forgiveness of humanity by the web of life will begin when rituals of confession of wrongdoing are enacted worldwide and prayers for healing the lifeweb are collectively engaged.
  45.  Whether or not the new alliance of collective intelligences can save the unfinished masterpiece of life on earth is unknown; however, The Plan is under way.
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