Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Goals

As a pastoral staff, we set goals for each quarter.  Then, we use these goals to review our progress at the end of the quarter.  Each quarter in our quarterly review, we spend a lot of time revising the goals to make sure they are SMART (significant, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely).
This quarter, I asked each staff member to highlight one ministry skill they especially want to develop this summer.  Each of us also highlights one goal as the single most important goal for the quarter.
Also, in addition to the goals each staff member sets, I also give them a few of my own goals for them.  This summer, I'm asking every pastor to take a spiritual retreat of at least 24 hours.  To be fair, I also give the staff the chance to review my progress and to suggest some goals for me. 
Here are my goals for the summer.

This summer, I want to focus on regrouping and recouping.  I have been stressed and very busy for about 9 months.  I want to take extra time this summer to think, to reorganize, and to pray about the future of our church.  Toward this end, I'm limiting my goals to the bare basics.

Improvement Focus Goals:
  • Finish at least one long term task each week.  (I've been avoiding lots of important but not urgent things.)
  • Resist new projects and new ideas that take a lot of time. (In order to recoup and regroup, this is my single most important goal for the summer.  If I fail here, I won't be able to do the recouping and regrouping.)
  • Spend extra time in prayer and reflection (especially Monday Think/Pray days).

Other Goals:
  • Volunteer in children’s church once.
  • Go to a teen social activity.
  • Take one long retreat 3-4 days in July.  (Plan it by June 17.)
  • Meet with 2-3 Korean leaders outside our church to discuss an important cultural issue.
  • Priority Long-term goals (See #1 above.)
    1. Clean and reorganize office.
    2. Read a book about multiple staff congregations, size change in congregations, and/or staff evaluations.
    3. Help Cheonan Migrant Shelter find more funders/partners.
    4. Work with Christian Education and Worship Planning teams to plan strengths quest - for at least AC.
    5. Read about Nazarene organic church network.

Goals from Staff Pastors:
  • Call each staff member once a week to see how they are doing. 
  • Give extra care to x, x, x, x, x (people in our church, but I won't publish their names).
  • Talk with leaders about possibly adding a children’s group for small children.

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