Thursday, May 12, 2011

Korea Tip 108: KOREA Magazine

One of my favorite ways to learn about Korean culture is KOREA Magazine.  It is a free, monthly, English-language magazine produced by the Korean government. 
Each month's issue contains some standard components:
  • The cover theme -sometimes pop culture, sometimes historical, sometimes economic.
  • Pop culture updates.
  • Sports features.
  • Stories on Korean businesses and upcoming industries.
  • Updates on governmental issues and international politics.
  • Profile of a famous Korean author and/or artist - with samples of their work.
  • One article by a foreigner living in Korea.
KOREA magazine blends information giving with a bit of national propaganda.  ("Look how great we are.")  But it's still one of the best ways I've found to learn about many aspects of Korean culture, history, literature, and economics.  My copy always goes on the back of our toilet until I've read it cover to cover.  (I know TMI.)
You can download the pdf from the website or subscribe for free delivery of a hard copy.  To subscribe, just go to  Look in the bottom left for the subscribe button.  The whole site is English friendly  
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