Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Friday Night Lights - Season 2 - Review

We're behind on this one, but we just finished Friday Night Lights Season 2.  We have mixed feelings about this series.
On one hand, it's kind of a soap opera - with the unusual element that it's centered around a high school football team.  With this downside, we see all the high school, soap-opera type elements - drinking parties, sleeping around, etc.
On the other hand, this series is refreshingly realistic.  It is honestly and courageously dealing with real issues, and that's why I keep watching.  The depiction of the coach and his wife is raw, painful, and heartwarming.  Most characters are genuinely trying to overcome their difficult lot in life (four of whom have almost zero fatherly influence and very difficult living situations).  Christianity is fairly often depicted, and usually in a neutral or positive light.
Friday Night Lights poignantly tells the story of the struggle for meaning, love, and significance, and that's why we keep watching (that and the Texas football). This season was OK, but I've heard the next seasons get better.  For season 2, the Josh rating is: JJJ (with hopes of better luck next season).

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