Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Treasures

Walking in the rain
Near TaeJo San
Cold mist on my face
Little treasures
I discover
A few steps on,
On and up the path.
A strip of night time shops:
Chairs tipped over
Doors locked
Shutters drawn
Tables barren
Late in the morning.
Follow the sound
Of a waterfall:
Little jade lake
Held by a concrete damn
Still beautiful
In the rain
Wooded hills rising up
On three sides
Fading away
On one.
A Buhddist shop:
Charms and bracelets
Art and candles
Lanterns and incense
Beautiful in color or shape
Some jade like the lake
Some brown like the trees.
Stone steps:
Leading up
Up and away
Up and away from my world
Of computers and books
Phones and people
102 steps
Through a sanctuary
Of pine.
A temple complex:
Dawning realization
Of my location,
The Third Largest
Sitting Buhdda
In Asia
(Who counts these things?)
Bronze - I remember
But the color is pale jade
Like the lake.
Chanters chant
Pray-ers kneel
Bells and gongs sound
Candles flicker,
The monks have AC now,
I see the boxes
Behind the house.
Big Buddha watches.
A drink from the
Cold mountain spring
Cold on my hands and face.
A prayer room:
Hot pink lotus lanterns
Dangle requests
Written with prayer pens.
Will they care
If I use one
To write these words?
It seems appropriate

March 15, 2010
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