Monday, December 28, 2009

GOD (a poem)

Like sand slipping through our fingers
or little grains stuck for days in our hair.
Like a cold mist we can't see up close
yet clouds our glasses as soon as we walk in the door.
Like a sunrise that won't fit in the frame
and is kind enough to follow us home.
Like diving into a crystal blue lake
then taking a drink for the hike.
Like that poignant moment we just can't explain
but still makes us smile and cry.
Like whale watching on the Alaskan coast
and the Alaskan snow globe collecting dust.
Like a forest fire, melting trucks, exploding trees
and a candle flame waving in the wind of my breath.
Like time that always gets away from us
but is with us every minute of every day.

(Josh Broward, 12.28.2009)
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