Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emotional Baggage (Personal Health Series - Week 4)

We’re starting today with something we haven’t done in a while: audience participation time. I’m tired of doing all the talking, so I want you folks to get more involved. Here’s your question: What did you pack when you came to Cheonan? (If you happen to be one of the few people here born in Cheonan, then maybe you can answer: “What did you pack on your last big trip?”) First, turn to someone nearby and tell them a few things you packed.


OK. Now shout out some of your answers. What did you pack when you came to Cheonan?


We all packed the normal stuff: clothes, shoes, books, a toothbrush, maybe a computer. But we may have been packing more than we realized.

  • Did anyone pack along some bitterness?
  • How about some old wounds that just haven’t healed?
  • Has anyone discovered deep feelings of unworthiness hiding in your suitcase?
  • You might be like me and have a strong hunger for approval in your carry-on.
  • Maybe you take resentment with you everywhere you go.

Today is our fourth week in our series on personal health, and we’re talking about emotional baggage. Emotional baggage is all deep down hidden stuff that we rarely see but really affects our lives. It’s like an American Express card. We “don’t leave home without it.” ...

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