Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Big Small Can Be

I just ran across a very cool song. The band is 1000 Generations, and Relevant Magazine wrote a glowing review of the down-to-earth character of its members. You can listen to the song at their myspace site. I'm sure this will make it into one of my sermons sometime soon - maybe in the upcoming vision series. This sounds like a great example of global change through local action. This song reminds me of Mother Theresa's words: "If you can't feed 100 children, feed one."

Here are the lyrics:
My hands cannot hold the world,
But they can help someone in need,
And my cash could never end hunger,
But it will help someone to eat.

It may seem insignificant but lately,
I think sometimes we forget…

Just how big small can be,
it doesn’t have to be, all or nothing.
How big does small have to be,
for us to do something?
And find how big small can be

A fire starts with a single flame,
It’s not hard to see its attribution.
A storm starts with just a drop of rain,
And it only takes one, one man to start a revolution!

So if it seems insignificant then maybe,
It’s just that we are prone to forget…

What if one person changes one person,
Is that worth the time?
What if one difference makes all the difference
And we start to find…
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