Friday, December 19, 2008

Poker, Poker, Poker

Several of our friends are planning some poker games to raise money for Elena's well through World Vision. Each game has a buy in price and a prize for the top winner. All of the money goes toward the well. (

Poker Preview: Last night, we had a small game in my house. The crowd was slim because of sickness and travel, but we had a good time. We played for the grand prize of some carribean jack salsa and chips, and we raised 50,000 won (around $40) for the well. (Yours truly had the lucky cards and got to keep the salsa.)

Mini-tourney: We are planning a mini tournament on January 10, the Saturday during KNU's winter English camp. This one will just be advertised in-house (around the church and with personal invitations), and we're hoping for 25-30 players. We'll just have it in one of the KNU classrooms.

Big tournament: In late February or early March, we hope to have a large poker tournament with 50 players. We want to rent the nice dining hall on the 7th floor of the Jae 2 Chang Hakwon, and we want to recruit players from all around Cheonan, and maybe beyond. If it gets really big, we might go way over 50 players. We're thinking there might be a 20,000 won buy in, some nicer big prizes like gift certificates to Outback, and a well-organized tournament.

Lots of fun, and if things go well, this could be the start of a tradition that helps us raise money for a good cause and make connections with people who wouldn't normally come to church. So if you like poker, or if you know people who like poker, help us spread the word. If anybody out there wants to help plan or advertise, talk to Kieth Pardue.

(Also, of note, I've requested a poker strategy book from Sarah for Christmas!)
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