Monday, January 14, 2008

100 Greatest Movies

So Sarah and I have gotten on an old movie kick. We watched Casablanca on YouTube, and we both thought it was great! That got us to thinking about other great movies, so we searched for the best movies of all time. We found this list by the American Film Institute. Unfortunately, it doesn't include international films, but we thought it would be a good start to take in some of the movies that are considered great by the "experts." We've heard of most of these, but also haven't seen about half.
I've set a goal to eventually watch all 100 of these movies. Probably by the time we're finished, there will be a new set of the new 100 best movies, but oh well, it will be a fun journey.
Here's what we've seen so far (at least recently).
3. Casablanca - great!
11. City Lights - a Charlie Chaplain silent film - I was a little sick, so I fell asleep on this one. Sarah said it was interesting, but not great.
20. It's a Wonderful Life - watched it for a Christmas event at church - still great; almost cried again!
100. Ben-Hur - very good, a bit cheesy at times, surprisingly religious, great story - really shows the tension (between Rome and God) for Jews of Jesus' day.
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