Friday, December 28, 2007

Daddy, What Is Christmas?

This year for Christmas, I wanted to make something for Emma instead of just buying her a toy. (It turns out that making something cost just as much, but hopefully it will be far more meaningful for her.)
As a word guy, I naturally decided to write Emma a book: "Daddy, What Is Christmas?" Here is the summary from the dust jacket.

Daddy, What Is Christmas? What's the point of this special day? Is it presents? Is it a pretty tree and decorations? Is it shopping? Is it Santa Clause?

Explaining Christmas requires a story, several stories actually. Journey with Emma and her Daddy, throughout their day to explore the meaning of Christmas through a series of stories connecting the story of Christmas to Emma's everyday life.

A family nativity set comes to life through a father's stories. As question follows question, story follows story, explaining the meaning of Christmas.

The Christmas story is simply but beautifully dramatized (through Joseph Willey's photography) with bamboo nativity student hand-crafted in Indonesia.
The story connects with everyday life through a series of photos (by Sarah Broward) depicting ordinary moments throughout the day for Josh and Emma Broward.

You can view the whole book online. You can even purchase your own copy if you happen to want one. (Sorry for the high prices, but that's basically what I paid, too.)
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